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Widepath Tempo Hoover

I first bought it in 2012, after I was more and more tired of devastating dusty dirt cups from the many dustbags without a bag that I kept trying. Every year I bought a new vacuum, because the suction failed, the productivity decreased, and I realized that such frequent emptying of the dust-collecting glasses disturbed my (usually seasonal, but dust-induced) allergies.

Of course, Hoover are not the best solutions, and they can be messy, but the advantages of this vacuum far outweigh the lack of bags.

The harvest head “wide trajectory” is 15 inches and wider than the average vacuum, cleans several areas at once. The 12 amp motor is more powerful than any other vacuum that I found in the same price range (most of them 8 amps – and one of the major drawbacks of other vacuum cleaners I owned). To see how a clean and powerful 12-amp motor should really be shown. For a simple vacuum, the performance is amazing.

I found that after a couple of years the belts are prone to rupture when you get something in it that should not be a vacuum cleaner (carpet, sock, blanket, etc.) And if you need to fight to get it out of the sweeping head , your belt is likely to break. Approximately 1.80 US dollars. at your local Walmart, the straps took about 5 minutes to replace. One of the easiest machines I’ve ever worked on, ever. It accepts standard “Y” size bags that come in different brands and styles, from fancy brands from Febreeze to conventional universal packages costing about $ 5 for a 3-Pack.


I never changed the filters of gep, because Hoover Tempo never seemed necessary (they were never so dirty), and I never noticed the difference.

The side clamps for the extensions were the first to come off, for about 2 years, but I still could build it to keep the tubes.

The dog chewed the cord about 4 times for about 3 years, but the 25-inch long cord was long enough that I could easily tie it together with some kind of electric tape. After about 3.5 years, the rear screw that held the rest of the cord in – right below where the dog began to chew, broke off and required frequent and liberal sticky tape applications.

hoover tempo

I’ve been looking for the last 6 months or so for a vertically packaged vacuum that will fit this, but has not yet done so. Finding this again available for less than $ 80 became the highlight of my purchases in the vacuum cleaner. I guess this is a pledge of the product, which I repeat, and I buy it again, after 4 years.

This time, although I’m going to keep it away from the dog

This is my second: I bought the same in 2006 (this is 2018 at the time of this writing), and he survived several moves and various apartments / houses. What, finally, killed my old, so this is Widepath Hoover what the engine gave out – it still technically works, just not as good as it used to be. It’s great on the carpet, good on solid floors and very good in details (skirting boards, etc.). Sacks are pretty inexpensive, and I prefer a vacuum packaged, since without a bag due to static electricity.

Here are all the differences between the 2006 model and 2017/18 – one pro, four minus (hence, a 3-star review, not 5):

  1. They fixed the bag door !!! HOORAY! Now he clicks it right. My old front bag was always free and sometimes disappeared if the device was not. The door leaned on the suction to hold it. It was an annoying lack of design, present not only in my example, but also a modern unit belonging to my wife’s grandmother (who solved the problem with a tape with an inscription).
  2. There is no more flashlight.
  3. There is no more dust cover over the exhaust port where the hose normally connects, which means that you will get dust everywhere * if you try to use vacuum without any bypass (I just removed the dust cover from my old one).
  4. Tools are more raw. Hard plastic (including a hose that is so tight that I’m afraid it can crack) and the brush has changed from a traditional square brush with 1 “bristles to a shitty round with stiff scissors at 0.5” bristles. Save the old tools.
  5. There is no full bag indicator. Hoover saved $ 0.10 and annoyed me! I removed the bag indicator from my old one, knocked out the knockout plate in the door frame of the new one and put it on.


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